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Editors Choice


Making your Own Saurkraut

By Jonathan Guest

Yes, shop-bought is fine, but there is something extra special about making it at home. Not least because it tastes so much better and you know exactly what’s in it – but also the satisfaction from preparing the cabbage, packing the jars and then storing it away, with my fingers crossed, to wait for it to work its magic. What joy to unearth those jars a few weeks later and put my fork into something so delicious that has been made from such humble ingredients.

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Raising Healthy Children by Melanie Waxman

I have been very fortunate to see my children grow up strong, vibrant and happy on natural foods. Choosing to eat whole, organic, living foods not only nourishes the family but also helps protect the world in which we live. Today, we are all aware that some form of change is needed in order for our world to flourish. Already a peaceful revolution is beginning to sweep the planet.

The connection between what we eat and how we feel is now more widely accepted. We are what we eat‘ is today’s mantra. We all make choices about our favorite foods and how we like them cooked. This means that the key to our health and the health of our children is in our hands.

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“ The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.”

— Bertrand Russell