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Macrobiotic Association UK, Cycling among Clouds

” Cycling among the Clouds.”

When I moved to London 9 years ago I didn’t plan to cycle. I bought the bike for enjoyment on the weekends . But when I started cycling I felt so strong emotionally that it started to be a part of my life. Step by step I realised how much my bike is important for me. I am observing everything from my bike, when I cross the parks I can see the change of seasons, the tender new leaves coming up in the early spring, a competition of new flowers in May with their scents and perfumes, thick green foliage moved by the breeze in summer, a symphony of colours in Autumn when the leaves start to slowly fall down.

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WEED KILLERS – JUST COSMETICS? – By Gilly Webber, Owner of Hut Therapy B&B, Nr Lewes, East Sussex

Pesticides are widely known to be linked to serious human health problems.  Dozens of pesticides used in the public and domestic domain have been associated with illnesses from leukaemia, to neurological and reproductive disorders.  (Refer to http://www.pan-uk.org/files/public_briefing_for_webv2.pdf.) The most well known of these is glyphosate – marketed as Round Up and produced by the chemical giant Monsanto.  This is also the most widely used weed killer in the UK. In March, 2015, it was cited by the World Health Organisation as a “probable” human carcinogenic  but it is also known to harm wildlife, including insects (such as bee and other pollinator species), earthworms, fish and amphibians.

Weed killer use accounts for approximately 94% of pesticide use in UK towns and cities – it is used mainly on our streets, parks and open spaces  – that is for cosmetic use. Paris, Copenhagen and Seattle are among major cities around the world that have already stopped using pesticides in their parks and other public spaces.   France has been leading the way: Paris took this step over a decade ago and over 300 other towns and villages across France have stopped – and a further 350 are in the process of stopping.  Also, Denmark and the Netherlands have recently introduced a complete ban on non-agricultural uses of glyphosate following the success of local restrictions.  This raises the question:  do we need to kill weeds and keep them in check in the UK, as much as we do?

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Mid Summer Picnic

June 19th – Mid summer picnic Waterloo Park London
we had 20 people join for a wonderful vegan macrobiotic picnic pot Luck.
So many Ymmmy dishes!
Kids have a treasure hunt with crystal clues and a horse eagle and frog involved.
Florence leads us in a healing meditation focusing on heart.
Sylvia’s made an amazing beautiful cake!

Thanks to all attending and thanks to Caoimhe and lilly and florence for putting it together.

We Look forwards to the next one in the Autumn if not before  🙂
Details to come….



“In my lifetime I observed such wondrous progress in plant evolution that I look forward optimistically to a healthy, happy world as soon as his children are taught the principles of simple and rational living.”

— Luther Burbank, botanist, herbalist, horticulturist and pioneer.