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Editors Choice

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“Something Macrobiotic”

On November 26th 2016 a group of old and new friends of all ages, came
together for a wonderful winter warmer pot luck lunch.
The food was great and we ended a perfect meal with a lot of brilliant
desserts. We enjoyed all kinds of games, singing and exercises
around a live and roaring log fire. Thank you to all, and we look
forward to the next “something” in Spring.

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Communicating Macrobiotics

When we make changes to our lives, and experience benefits, it is natural to want to share it with our family and friends. This is especially true of changes that lead to feeling better or health improvements. In my experience most people enjoying macrobiotics have a desire to encourage people close to them to give it a try. Sometimes it is challenging to find they are highly resistant or even hostile. Here are some tips that I have found helped over the last 37 years.

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“The secret of wellbeing is a balanced nutrition. Eat food full of vitality, full of life energy, learn the right combinations and, if possible, eat always in harmonious environments.”

— Swami Kriyananda