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Who Really Feeds the World?

Who Really Feeds the World? By Vandana Shiva | Contributed by Anna MacKenzie | June 2017 This small book of 152 pages is required reading for every human because we all eat food. I cannot recommend it enough. It tells the truth of growing food in the world today....

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Farmer’s Markets

Farmer's Markets Marion Price | June 2017 It is really exciting to see how farmer’s markets are taking off in towns and cities worldwide. We are always looking for the best quality ingredients for our daily nourishment, and farmer’s markets provide a great place to...

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5 Things to Do In May

With summer just around the corner, it is time to make the most of the outdoors and take in the striking new blooms and life awakening. Here’s what we recommend to keep you healthy during May.

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Fermenting our Food for Wellbeing

Fermenting our Food for Wellbeing Trish Dent | April 2017 Why Ferment? Fermented foods of different kinds can be found in just about every traditional culture the world over. For our ancestors it provided a way to keep food for longer, but they also discovered...

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Pure Baby Food

Pure Baby Food Anna Freedman | April 2017 As I entered motherhood with a tiny newborn in my arms, I knew that our first year would be momentous and extraordinarily special. I found myself scribing each month, charting our story. Our story attracted a following. People...

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Eat Local & Seasonal

Eat Local & Seasonal Marion Price | April 2017 Living in a temperate (4 seasons) climate our food choices reflect the changing seasons: intuitively we choose soups and hearty stews in winter to keep us warm and energised, and then lighter dishes, salads and juices...

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Spring Clean Your Life

Spring Clean Your Life Anna Mackenzie | April 2017 Take 10 minutes sitting on your balcony, on a park bench, or walking slowly. Breath in deeply the fresh air of Spring, the beauty of flowers and bird song. With quiet anticipation, imagine what you are going to spring...

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5 Things to Do In April

With spring in full swing, it is time to venture outdoors and take in the striking new blooms and life awakening. Here’s what we recommend to keep you healthy during April.

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“Something Macrobiotic”

"Something Macrobiotic" Florence Price | November 2016 On November 26th 2016 a group of old and new friends of all ages, came together for a wonderful winter warmer pot luck lunch. The food was great and we ended a perfect meal with a lot of brilliant desserts. We...

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Communicating Macrobiotics

Communicating Macrobiotics Simon Brown | January 2017 When we make changes to our lives, and experience benefits, it is natural to want to share it with our family and friends. This is especially true of changes that lead to feeling better or health improvements. In...

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“Cycling Among the Clouds”

Cycling Among The Clouds Victoria Angeli | January 2017 When I moved to London 9 years ago I didn't plan to cycle. I bought the bike for enjoyment on the weekends . But when I started cycling I felt so strong emotionally that it started to be a part of my life. Step...

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Weed Killers – Just Cosmetics?

Weed Killers - Just Cosmetics? Gilly Webber | October 2016 Pesticides are widely known to be linked to serious human health problems.  Dozens of pesticides used in the public and domestic domain have been associated with illnesses from leukaemia, to neurological and...

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Exercise May Provide ‘Motor Reserve’ in Older Age

Exercise May Provide 'Motor Reserve' In Older age Pauline Anderson | 12th March 2015 Just as higher education and social connections seem to provide a cognitive reserve as people age, physical activity may build a motor reserve that protects against the harmful...

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Desk Workers Should Stand, Walk 2 Hours During Workday

Desk Workers Should Stand, Walk 2 Hours During Work Day Unknown | 2nd June 2015 Employees in predominantly desk-based occupations should be swapping their seats for their feet and accumulating 2 hours a day of standing and strolling walking during working hours, and...

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Single Diet Modification May Improve Metabolic Syndrome

Single Diet Modification May Improve Metabolic Syndrome Susan London | 17th February 2015 A diet that focuses solely on increasing fiber intake works about as well as a more complex American Heart Association (AHA)-compliant diet for promoting weight loss and...

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Exercise’s Antidepressant Effects Strengthened

Exercise's Antidepressant Effects Strengthened Unknown | 13th September 2013 Exercise may have a moderately beneficial effect on depressive symptoms, according to an updated literature review and meta-analysis. However, investigators note that more high-quality...

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