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Breastfeeding & its advantages

Breast milk is a perfect food that helps prevent infection. It contains all the necessary nutrients and antibodies for babies to grow well and stay healthy.

It is always sterile and the right temperature.

It is readily available and convenient to give to the baby when it becomes hungry.

When the baby suckles it is physically close to its mother, which is highly bonding and important for a baby’s development.

The first milk that comes in is called colostrum and provides the baby with an immediate natural immunity to infection.

Weaning food

From the age of 6 months babies can be introduced to soft food in addition to breast milk. To start with, food needs to be more liquid, gradually becoming more solid as the baby grows.

It is good to introduce new foods one at a time, to allow the baby to create the appropriate enzymes to digest each food. Weaning food can be soft well-cooked grains, seeds, vegetables, and later beans, bean products and small amounts of fish, fruit and sea vegetables.

Baby foods really need to be mild tasting, with no added salt, spices or sugar, as these are harmful to young babies. As the baby grows it will eat more solid food and less breast milk until it is ready to be fully weaned, usually at around 18 months (when the molars start to appear). Many Mothers may stop breastfeeding earlier.

Traditional baby food recipes:

Both of these recipes are naturally sweet, nourishing and easily digestible.

Rice Milk

If possible use organic ingredients

Four parts brown rice / one part barley / one part whole oats
Soak overnight
Cook for 1 hour
Once cool – blend by hand or with machine
Add one tablespoon of barley malt (sweetener added as breast milk is very sweet and babies are naturally drawn to sweeter tastes)
This can be warmed as a spoon fed meal or made into a liquid to drink.

Vegetable Juice

Gently cook carrots, cabbage, broccoli, pumpkin or butternut squash
Add small piece of kombu seaweed and simmer on low heat for 30 minutes
Strain and collect liquid.
Let cool.