Health and happiness.
Most of us want to be happy and healthy on the journey through life: for ourselves, our family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, and the wider world. And many of us want the natural environment of planet earth to be healthy too, because people and the planet rely completely on each other. We need the best quality oxygen for our lungs, this means fresh air and ensuring trees are planted so we and generations of children, can walk in woodlands, parks and by rivers, as well as on the commuter path. Support local organic agriculture and where possible buy organic food to eat and then you absorb the nutrients from food without pesticides, hormones, animal antibiotics and e numbers. This makes 100% improvement in health. Enjoy cooking for ourselves, for everyone, even when we’re tired because it will give double the amount of love and energy back, than processed food full of sugar and salt. It will also allow your immune system to become stronger which helps colds and other weaknesses to become less frequent.
Consciously, cut right down on sugar and salt Go slowly, it may take months or years. (See Diabetes article 25 / 3 / 17 in Sat Telegraph acknowledging seriousness of the disease world-wide, and the contribution of sugar). Too much salt encourages our desire for sugar, see crisps, fish and chips, processed meat and takeaways, not to mention Pizza.
Natural fabric greatly enhances a healthy, happy life.They are breathable and to have cotton, linen, bamboo, silk, ramie or wool, blended rayon, enclosing the body, allows every pore to breathe and refresh. Nylon, acrylic and polymer fabrics greatly inhibit our natural circulation and breathing of our skin causing us to be too hot or too cold, irritable in mood and itchy. As daily, we eat and we wear clothes, these small things can contribute enormously to how we feel and work from moment to moment in life. If we are careful in our choices, the manufacturers gradually pay attention to our deeper needs and this is what helps the planet too. Coral reefs and the oceans and rivers do not need extra waste from plastic and nylon. Happy and healthy can grow from one individual making the choice. Only use stainless steel saucepans, aluminium leaks into our system and is very unhealthy indeed. Be sure to use all ecological cleaning materials for washing your clothes, floors, windows, toilets. Critical because they all pollute our water and badly harm all fish and animals who drink the water; making the rivers die and polluting our fine earth. There are many fine ecological products on the market, worth every penny extra. Enjoy the self care, planet care lifestyle!

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